Eliminator Waste Oil Burner Parts & Service

Eliminator Waste Oil Heater Parts & ServiceThe Eliminator 120 by Aaladin is a great way to get rid of your waste oil and diesel while creating substantial heat without costing you a dime. This machine has manual ignition and can be run 24 hours a day. We use the Eliminator 120 to effectively heat our service area which is 3,500 sq. foot and 22 foot high ceiling. (Please note: user needs to light unit before operation).


  • Reliable- Control box with integrated circuit board lights makes operation easy and reliable.
  • Easy Access- Control box hinges to provide easy access to stainless steel pump.
  • Easy Cleaning- Chamber door hinges to provide handy access to vaporizer pan for easy cleaning.
  • Clean Burning- Patented air wand assembly gives even distribution of air to provide clean burning of waste oil.
  • Fuels- Will burn waste oil, new oil, vegetable oil and transmission fluid.
  • Thermostat- Comes standard with a remote thermostat that has 15 ft of cord length.

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