AHS Series – Supreme Waste Oil Boiler Parts and Service

The disposal of motor oils and petroleum based fluids from commonly used internal combustion engines has traditionally been a burden. The effects of improper disposal can be devastating to the environment. One quart of waste oil can pollute over 250,000 gallons of water, and cleanup is next to impossible. Waste oil is toxic and carcinogenic and can be a fire hazard if not properly disposed.

The AHS Waste Oil Heating System is an economical alternative to higher end waste oil systems. The AHS Series is a great option for smaller businesses desiring to convert the burden of waste oil disposal from a liability to a bottom line enhancing asset. The double savings from eliminated disposal costs and free heat and hot water for your business give you a high return on your investment. The reputation of AHS for quality heating systems will allow you to reap these savings for years to come.
Features of the AHS (Supreme) Series Heating System

  • Heavy duty construction ASME stamped and National Board listed
  • Large access port for easy access to burner end and flame viewing
  • Oversized heat exchanger delivers efficient operation during continuous use
  • Large access doors provide easy access to all parts of the boiler for maintenance and cleaning
  • Refractory lined combustion chamber and flame shield house an insulated
  • combustion zone capable of withstanding high temperatures
  • Boilers and storage tanks can be custom made for your special applications
  • 10 year limited warranty
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