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Rudbeck's Wedco Furnace

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Wedco Waste Used Oil Heaters

Rudbeck works closely with Wedco to offer replacement parts and repair service.

Rudbeck now manufactures Wedco furnaces under their own brand.

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XL-500 – Three Pass System

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INOV8INOV8 Used Oil Heaters

INOV8 International manufactures a line of waste oil furnaces, waste oil burners, used oil heaters, that utilize our patented technology to produce heat and/or hot water.

Rudbeck is one of the few sources of replacement parts and service for INOV8 Oil Heaters.

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Flornex Used Oil Heater Parts

Flornex is out of business, but Rudbecks supplies parts and service for Flornex Oil Burning Products.

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Norki Gold

Norki Gold Premiere Used-Oil Solutions

norki gold waste oil solutionsAs the oldest, continuously owned provider of clean burning waste-oil furnaces and heating systems in the country, Norki Energy Systems has earned a reputation second to none.

Our customers count on our experience, knowledge and innovation. They also depend on, and appreciate, our reliability and accessibility.

We put all of these strengths to work to help our customers acquire, install, and maintain used oil burner systems that provide amazing cost savings for the long term.

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King Built Waste Oil Heater Parts & Service – Rudbeck

King BuiltKingBuilt defines the heating system of the future. Our exclusive HPC-1 combustion system and advanced engineering makes the KingBuil product line the safest, most efficient multi-oil heating systems on the market today.

What is multi-oil heat?  
Multi-oil heat means the burner system is designed to efficiently burn a number of alternative fuels. These fuels range from waste engine oils, used transmission fluid and #1 – #6 fuel oil, to used restaurant oils and bio fuel products.

If you create or have access to non-traditional fuels, multi-oil heating allows you to significantly reduce and possibly eliminate your heating costs altogether!

Multi-oil heating is a sound solution to the rising costs of traditional fuels and a means to less dependency on foreign oil. 

KingBuilt is no longer in business, but Rudbeck carries parts and offers service for this manufacturer.

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Firelake Shenandoah

Firelake – Flornef Oil Heater Parts & Service

At the heart of all Firelake (formerly known as Shenandoah) waste oil heaters is our patented burner with its easy cleaning, slide-out gun assembly and quick-disconnect. Our waste oil burning heaters are ideal heating systems for auto service centers, fleet garages, quick lube shops as well as any location that generates used oil. 

In 1971 Firelake changed ownership and continued the long tradition of engineering and manufacturing equipment to delight customers across the country. With the primary manufacturing facility located in Dassel, MN and a second facility in Virginia, Firelake Manufacturing offers durable equipment built to last.

Firelake Waste Oil Heaters are designed from the ground up to burn waste oil and other petroleum based products. By 1989, our waste oil heaters became some of the most premier waste oil heating equipment in the industry.    

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Heat Wave

Heat Wave Used Oil Burning Heaters

heatwaveUsing used oil from many sources such as automotive oil change businesses, mechanics, and other facilities.

Vegetable oil from fast food and other restaurants is also an excellent source for these used oil heating systems.

For those wanting a hands-off approach to fuel supply, used waste oil is available in most places for purchase and delivery at costs far below traditional fuel prices.

Heatwave heaters are top of the line, so let us know if there are any questions about your particular application.

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Omni – Econo Heat

omniOmni Waste Oil Furnaces Parts

Econo Heat is a manufacturer of the Omni brand of waste oil fired machinery. We sell waste oil heaters, waste oil boilers and other equipment.

For the best parts and service of OMNI brand oil heaters, call Rudbeck’s Manufacturing at218-692-4759.


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