reznorWhy Reznor? Get Your Reznor Parts at Rudbeck

Unit Space Heating Industry Leader

  • World’s largest manufacturer of commercial & industrial unit space heating products
  • In business since 1888…here to stay!

Full Product Line

  • 10 Models of Waste Oil Heaters / Furnaces: 140,000 to 500,000 BTU input
  • 2 Models of Waste Oil Boilers: 350,000 & 500,000 BTU input
  • Extensive selection of Gas-Radiant, Electric and Hydronic Unit Heaters for backup heat

Manufacturing Excellence

  • Advanced engineering & workmanship
  • Quality materials, fabrication and packaging
  • Short Paybacks

Patented, Proven Metering Pump

  • Consistent performance…NO adjustments!
  • On-Board Air Compressor
  • Convenient to the unit and easy to access
  • Does not require use of expensive shop air compressor

Patented Oil Preheater

  • Located outside of burner housing for easy access and cleaning
  • Consistent and dependable operation
  • Promotes best combustion of waste oil and unit efficiency
Oil Burner Types